American English Videos/Fixing Common Errors/1. -ed versus -ing adjectives

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American English Videos/Fixing Common Errors/1. -ed versus -ing adjectives
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Autor American English at State
Área Comunicación y Lenguaje L 3, Inglés
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Ann begins this series on "fixing common problems" with a video about -ed and -ing adjectives.

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0:06 Hi I'm Ann, and I speak American English.
0:12 I'm a student, and I like to read and learn about languages.
0:18 Today, we will learn about the difference between adjectives
0:22 ending and -ed and adjectives ending in -ing.
0:30 Why do we use these adjectives?
0:34 To talk about our feelings and what causes our feelings.
0:42 Let's begin with adjectives that end in -ed.
0:46 We use adjectives that end in -ed to express our feelings
0:52 and sometimes the feelings of animals too.
1:01 This TV show does not interest me. I'm bored.
1:10 I'm interested in reading novels.
1:17 I'm annoyed when people talk on the phone in the library.
1:26 I am confused because this history class is very difficult.
1:37 Now let's talk about adjectives that end in -ing.
1:41 We use adjectives that end in -ing
1:44 to describe a person, object, or event that causes a feeling.
1:55 This TV show is boring.
2:02 But this novel is interesting.
2:09 It's annoying when people talk on the phone in the library.
2:19 This history class is confusing.
2:28 Now it's your turn to use these adjectives.
2:32 Click pause and fill in the blanks with -ed or -ing.
2:51 Question of the week. How are you feeling?
2:59 Next time, we will learn how to use the verbs see, look, and watch.
3:05 This is American English. Thank you for watching.

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