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Cronología[editar código]

Semana 1: Wikipedia essentials[editar código]

En clase
  • Overview of the course
  • Introduction to how Wikipedia will be used in the course
  • Documento para lectura: Welcome to Wikipedia (available in print or online from the Wikimedia Foundation)
Tarea (due Semana 2)
  • Start the online student orientation. During this training, you will create an account, make edits in a sandbox, y learn the basic rules of Wikipedia.

Semana 2: Editing basics[editar código]

En clase
Tareas (due Semana 3)
  • Complete the online training for students.
  • Create a user page, y sign up on the list of students on the course page.
  • To practice editing y communicating on Wikipedia, introduce yourself to any Wikipedians helping your class (such as a Wikipedia Ambassador), y leave a message for a classmate on their user talk page.
Hito de logro
  • All students have Wikipedia user accounts y are listed on the course page.

Semana 3: Exploring the topic area[editar código]

En clase
Tareas (due Semana 4)
  • Critically evaluate an existing Wikipedia article related to the class, y leave suggestions for improving it on the article’s talk page.
  • Research y list 3–5 articles on your Wikipedia user page that you will consider working on as your main project. Ask your instructor for comment.

Semana 4: Using sources[editar código]

En clase
  • Documentos para lectura: “Referencing on Wikipedia” y “Understanding Wikipedia’s copyright policy”
Tarea (due Semana 5)
  • Add 1–2 sentences of new information, backed up with a citation to an appropriate source, to a Wikipedia article related to the class.
For next Semana
  • Instructor evaluates student's article selections, by Semana 5.

Semana 5: Choosing articles[editar código]

En clase
  • Discuss the range of topics students will be working on y strategies for researching y writing about them.
Tareas (due Semana 6)
  • Select an article to work on, removing the rest from your user page. Add your article to the class’s course page.
  • Compile a bibliography of relevant research y post it to the talk page of the article you are working on. Begin reading the sources.

Semana 6: Drafting starter articles[editar código]

En clase
  • Talk about Wikipedia culture y etiquette, y (optionally) revisit the concept of sandboxes y how to use them.
  • Q&A session with instructor y/or Wikipedia Ambassadors about

interacting on Wikipedia y getting started with writing.

Tareas (due Semana 7)
  • If you are starting a new article, write a 3–4 paragraph summary version of your article—with citations—in your Wikipedia sandbox. If you are improving an existing article, write a summary version reflecting the content the article will have after it's been improved, y post this along with a brief description of your plans on the article’s talk page.
  • Begin working with classmates y other editors to polish your short starter article y fix any major issues.
  • Continue research in preparation for expanding your article.
Hito de logro
  • All students have started editing articles or drafts on Wikipedia.

Semana 7: Moving articles to the main space[editar código]

En clase
Tareas (due Semana 8)
  • Move sandbox articles into main space.
  • Optional: For new articles or qualifying expansions of stubs, compose a one-sentence “hook,” nominate it for “Did you know,” y monitor the nomination for any issues identified by other editors.
  • Begin expanding your article into a comprehensive treatment of the topic.

Semana 8: Building articles[editar código]

Workshop En clase or outside of class
Tareas (due Semana 9)
  • Expand your article into an initial draft of a comprehensive treatment of the topic.
  • Select two classmates’ articles that you will peer review y copy-edit. (You don’t need to start reviewing yet.)

Semana 9: Getting y giving feedback[editar código]

En clase
  • As a group, have the students offer suggestions for improving one or two of the students' articles, setting the example for what is expected from a solid encyclopedia article.
Tareas (due Semana 10)
  • Peer review two of your classmates' articles. Leave suggestions on the article talk pages.
  • Copy-edit the two reviewed articles.
Hito de logro
  • All articles have been reviewed by others. All students have reviewed articles by their classmates.

Semana 10: Responding to feedback[editar código]

En clase
  • Open discussion of the concepts of neutrality, media literacy,

y the impact y limits of Wikipedia.

Tareas (due Semana 11)
  • Make edits to your article based on peers’ feedback. Prepare for an in-class presentation about your Wikipedia editing experience.

Semana 11: Class presentations[editar código]

En clase
  • Students give in-class presentations about their experiences editing Wikipedia.
Tareas (due Semana 12)
  • Add final touches to your Wikipedia article.
  • Write a reflective essay (2-5 pages) on your Wikipedia contributions.

Semana 12: Due date[editar código]

You made it!

Hito de logro
  • Students have finished all their work on Wikipedia that will be considered for grading, y have submitted reflective essays.