7. Past Perfect

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American English Videos/Grammar/7. Past Perfect
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Autor American English at State
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Última actualización 2015/08/29
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This lesson shows you how to use the past perfect to give reasons from the past for a present event.

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0:05 Hey, I'm Andy, and I teach English.
0:09 Today's lesson is why I became a teacher
0:12 in the past perfect.
0:16 I had finished school and was writing a book.
0:21 One day, I realized I had spent most of my life writing.
0:27 It was time to try something new.
0:31 My friend Bianca had taught kids at an after-school program.
0:38 So, I decided to try teaching.
0:41 As it turned out, I had just started a new career.
0:48 Why use the past perfect?
0:51 One reason is to share your experience.
0:56 When do you use the past perfect?
1:00 You use it to give reasons from the past for a present event.
1:07 And how do you use the past perfect?
1:12 Write a subject plus "had" plus a past participle.
1:18 For example, I had finished...They had started...
1:25 Last of all, what is a past participle?
1:30 It's the form of a verb following "have," "has," or "had."
1:38 For example, I had asked, She had seen,
1:43 We had run. They had caught.
1:49 All right, your turn.
1:52 Write the verbs as past participles. Click pause.
2:12 Now, you can share your experience.
2:18 Next time, we will learn about Wh-questions.
2:23 This is American English, and thanks for watching.

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