4. Countable and Uncountable Nouns

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American English Videos/Fixing Common Errors/4. Countable and Uncountable Nouns
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Autor American English at State
Área Comunicación y Lenguaje L 3, Inglés
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Última actualización 2016/05/02
Localización https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVtkKp06z04

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0:08 Hi. I'm Anne, and I speak American English.
0:11 I'm a student, and I like to read and learn about languages.
0:16 Today, we will learn about the difference between countable and uncountable nouns.
0:25 Try to notice the difference between the countable and uncountable nouns in this story.
0:31 Some of the countable and uncountable nouns are highlighted.
0:35 The countable nouns are in red,
0:37 and the uncountable nouns are in purple.
0:44 In winter, it's very cold where I live.
0:48 There's snow and ice.
0:54 Sometimes, I dream that I'm visiting an island that has sand and palm trees.
1:04 My friends and I sit in the sunshine
1:07 and we listen to the music that plays on our radio.
1:15 After that, we swim in the water.
1:22 But when I wake up from my dream it's cold
1:25 so I put on a coat and gloves and I walk to school.
1:35 So, what's the difference between countable and uncountable nouns?
1:40 Let's begin with countable nouns.
1:43 Countable nouns are nouns that we can count.
1:46 Therefore, these nouns can be plural.
1:49 They can have the plural ending "s" or "es".
1:52 And the can take plural forms of verbs.
1:55 For example, I saw three cats run.
2:04 If there is only one countable noun, we use the indefinite article "a" or "an."
2:11 For example, there is a tree in the park.
2:19 Uncountable nouns are nouns that we cannot count.
2:24 Therefore, these nouns do not have plural forms.
2:28 They never have the plural ending "s" or "es."
2:31 And they never take plural forms of verbs.
2:35 For example, snow is cold.
2:43 Uncountable nouns also never take the indefinite articles "a" or "an."
2:50 For example, I listen to music.
2:57 Now it's your turn. Click pause, and choose the uncountable nouns.
3:21 Task of the week: try to write a sentence with an uncountable noun.
3:37 Next time, we will learn about quantifiers.
3:41 This is American English. Thank you for watching.

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