4. Going To (Future)

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American English Videos/Grammar/4. Going To (Future)
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Autor American English at State
Área Comunicación y Lenguaje L 3, Inglés
Tipo de licencia Estándar de YouTube
Formato Vídeo
Responsable de curación Editor
Última actualización 2015/08/29
Localización https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Um_AWHNKJI

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This lesson introduces the use of going to as a future form.

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0:05 Hey, I'm Andy, and I teach English.
0:09 For today's lesson, we are going to learn
0:12 another future form.
0:15 My wife and I are going to start a business.
0:20 She is going to manage it,
0:23 and I am going to help.
0:27 Next week, I'm going to meet with some investors.
0:32 If all goes well, we are going to see some changes.
0:39 So, why use "going to"?
0:42 One reason is to talk about pre-made plans.
0:47 And how do you use "going to"?
0:52 Write a subject, plus a form of "to be," plus "going to" plus a verb.
1:01 For example, they are going to come later.
1:07 All right, your turn.
1:08 Put the words in order. Click pause.
1:30 What are you going to do next week?
1:36 Next time, we will learn about the present progressive.
1:41 This is an American English and thanks for watching.

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