4. Elision

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American English Videos/Pronunciation Practice/4. Elision
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Autor American English at State
Área Comunicación y Lenguaje L 3, Inglés
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Última actualización 2016/05/02
Localización https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSfHb4Qx2hc

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0:06 Hello. I'm Sammy, and I like to practice American English.
0:11 This is part one of the connected speech series.
0:15 Today, we'll discuss elision.
0:20 What is elision?
0:22 It means omitting one or more sounds in a word or phrase to make it easier to pronounce.
0:30 This is used in casual informal speech.
0:34 Elision can help your American English sound smoother and more natural.
0:40 American English has a few patterns of elision in casual speech
0:46 but today we will practice T and D
0:52 What do you notice about the pronunciation of the underlined words in this sentence?
0:59 Formal speech: The handsome movie star acts in a film about friendship between a father and son.
1:10 Now in casual speech.
1:13 The "hansome" movie star "acks" in a film about "frienship" between a "father an son."
1:22 Whenever T or D comes between two consonants at the end of a syllable
1:28 it gets elided, which means that it doesn't get pronounced.
1:34 For example, instead of scripts we say "scrips."
1:40 And instead of friendship we say "frienship."
1:45 Let's practice pronouncing the following words using T and D elision.
2:07 T and D elision can even happen between two words.
2:12 For example, you pronounce "las chance"
2:17 instead of "last chance" because the T does not get pronounced.
2:25 Other examples are "father an son" "han bag" "mos popular" "lef turn" "firs three" "nex day"
2:39 Let's practice!
2:40 Read the following sentences and use T and D elision
2:46 for the underlined sounds.
3:15 I started a "frienship" with the "hansome" artist. He "pains" "lanscapes."
3:22 For the "pas three" years he's worked hard "an" become successful.
3:27 Now, his "mos" famous painting is printed on "poscards."
3:32 Next time, we'll have part two of the connected speech series
3:37 about informal contractions.
3:40 This is American English. Thanks for watching.

For more information, visit: http://www.americanenglish.state.gov/.