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American English Videos/Fixing Common Errors/2. Say and Tell

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American English Videos/Fixing Common Errors/2. Say and Tell
Autor American English at State
Área Comunicación y Lenguaje L 3, Inglés
Tipo de licencia Estándar de YouTube
Formato Vídeo
Responsable de curación Editor
Última actualización 2016/02/19

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0:07 Hi. I'm Anne, and I speak American English.
0:13 I am a student, and I like to read and learn about languages.
0:20 Today, we will learn about the verbs say and tell.
0:26 Now, I will tell you a story about my camping trip with classmates.
0:34 Try to notice the difference between say and tell.
0:44 When we first arrived at the campsite,
0:48 my classmates said that it was a beautiful day.
0:54 Then, we walked in the woods for a long time.
0:58 We all said that we were tired.
1:04 At night, we looked at the stars,
1:07 and my friend said something interesting about space to me.
1:15 At the campfire, one friend told a scary story.
1:24 and my other friend told us a joke.
1:31 It was a fun camping trip.
1:37 So how exactly do we use these verbs?
1:41 Let's begin with say.
1:44 Here are two ways that we use say.
1:48 First, we can say something to someone.
1:53 We use exactly the word something.
1:57 and we can use the word something on its own
2:00 or with an adjective.
2:03 For example, the teacher said something interesting to us.
2:13 Second, we can use say before a clause beginning with that.
2:19 For example, I said that it rained.
2:26 Here's how we use tell.
2:30 First, we can tell someone something.
2:34 For example, I told him the answer.
2:40 We can also use tell before some nouns, like
2:44 a lie, a story, the truth, or a joke.
2:50 We cannot usually use say before these nouns.
2:54 For example, I told a story about my vacation.
3:03 So, here is one important difference between say and tell.
3:09 We can say something to someone, but
3:12 we can tell someone something.
3:16 For example,
3:18 He said something funny to me.
3:21 but, he told me something funny.
3:30 Now, it's your turn to use these verbs.
3:34 Click pause,
3:35 and fill in the blanks with a form of say or tell.
3:54 Question of the week! What stories can you tell us?
4:02 Next time, we will learn about hear and listen.
4:07 This is American English. Thank you for watching.

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